You have a shoulder- length hair, you usually worry about the way to have a great hairdo. We will share with you some beautiful hairstyles tutorial for medium hair. You should keep them in the list of hairstyles to become attractive everyday before the crowd or going out . However, you don’t have an attractive long hair or a personal short hair, it is no problem, with the medium hair you also become self-confident with our hairstyle tutorial.

  Here are 07  elegant hairstyles tutorial for medium hair that is really useful. Let us refer them.

Braid hair

Anyone of us usually has good- looking appearance in front of the other people, therefore you have not only beautiful face but also chic hairstyles.

There are many variations of the braid hair that you need to know. You have a shoulder- long hair, this braid hair is very suitable for parties or going with friends.  This is hairstyles tutorial for medium hair that any girls should know to become chic, beautiful and fresh. It is very easy to perform this style, everyone will surprise about you!

 hairstyles tutorial for medium hair                                                


Step 1: Taking the hair near the top of head in the right side of the hair and braiding them to the hair tail.

Step 2: Doing the similar to the left side.

Step 3: Puting the braid hair behind the head and using permanent toothpick.

Curly hairstyles tutorial for the medium hair

hairstyles tutorial for medium hair

This hairstyle is not only beautiful but also personal for girls to go out with friends.  You should dye the brown hair and don’t worry this shoulder- long hair look gawky. We will find together easy hairstyles for medium hair and perform them. This hairstyle is very simple, what you need to focus is the color of hair to make you look pretty.


Step 1: Dying the brown hair or bright color to look you more elegant.

Step 2: Curling the hair to the tail

Step 3: Using a hair band lovely to create the highlight.

It is so easy to have  a hairstyle for medium hair with our tutorial , isn’t it? In the fact, girls only use this hairstyle to go out or go on picnic

Shoulder- length hair curling C

hairstyles tutorial for medium hair

Nowadays, this is  one of the most  popular  hairstyle for medium hair. Many people think that this hair is old and boring,but  that is wrong. As you know, when you have a round face, we recommend this hairstyle is the best suitable for you to choose. However, if you are not a hair stylish you should go to the salon to have best hairstyles also as the suitable color of the hair. This style is very easy to combine clothes for office girls and you will be beautiful at work

Braid two sides

With this easy hairstyles for medium length hair, you don’t worry about yourself when taking part in the parties or going out.  Here are hairstyles tutorial for medium hair, we will share you step by step to braid two sides. This is too not precious to perform. This hairstyle is suitable when you go on  picnic. You will need this hairstyle to ensure that your hair is chic and neat, even keep you girly and lovely. We will introduce you three easy steps to have hairstyle for your medium length hair.

hairstyles tutorial for medium hair

Performance :

Step 1: Dividing the hair into 2 parts.

Step 2: With every part, you separate to three hair trigger and braid them.

Step 3: Finally, using buns to tie your hair.

Braid bangs hair

hairstyles tutorial for medium hair

.You have medium hair, you still become gentle and girly with this hairstyle for medium hair tutorial. Braiding is not stranger with any women, they usually look for the way to variatate your hair. Then, there are some step by step hairstyles for medium hair we suggest you to more self-confident.


Step 1: Puting the hair near the bangs

Step 2: Braiding them similar as above

Step 3: Tying the braid hair.

That is very easy to perform, you also follow on that photo or youtube channel to refer detaily.

Easy hairstyles for medium length hair with the half of hair

hairstyles tutorial for medium hair

.If you have a medium length hair, the haft of hair will be a probably choice for girls. This hairstyle is no less attractive but also personal when you go to the parties. Beside, this hairstyle help them concealer on the top of the head. With hairstyles tutorial for medium hair, you perform step by step as follow:


Step 1: Puting the hair on the top of the head

Step 2: Braiding that hair ordinarily

Step 3: Using hair clip to become more outstanding

There are many variations for medium hair so you can refer as above. You should perform step by step as tutorials because it is very easy. However, if you feel difficult for yourself to effectuate them or you don’t like hairstyles as above, you should go to the salon. Hair stylists will help you to have new hairstyles without be afraid of the way to perform or suitable hairstyles .

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