Care for hair extensions at home – Hair extensions are the most effective method for those who desire to change their style flexibly with ease. However, proper care for hair extensions seems not to be widely understood by users. Instead of time-consuming hair care treatments in the hair salon, you can completely take advantage of natural materials to keep your hair extensions smooth and lush at home. You will no longer be worried about any negative influences as nature only does good for your hair.

Proper care for hair extensions at home by coconut oil

Care for hair extensions at home
Care for hair extensions at home

Should you happen to have hair extensions, it is suggested that coconut oil should be utilized to make them look a lot better. Coconut is rich in medium chain fatty acids (MCFAs) which are very beneficial to the body. Specifically, it is regarded as an incredible method for moisture retention and softening.

Not only does coconut oil help make your hair extensions look shiny but it is also effective in the internal hair structure. Regular usage of coconut oil will enable you to reduce split ends and prevent hair extension loss.

Another benefit of coconut oil is dandruff prevention. As mentioned above, coconut oil facilitates deep dry environment for your hair, which helps get rid of annoying dandruff. It is recommended that you should do this once a week to efficiently control the scurf.

A plus point for this method is its cheap price. Even when you are in tight budget, you can still be affordable to get some first-rate coconut oil as coconut is the familiar and available product in the market.

One spoon of coconut oil, one egg yolk and one cup of water can bring the best moisture for your hair.

Honey for hair extension care

Care for hair extensions at home
Care for hair extensions at home

All you need for this treatment is just honey and honey! Raw honey can be considered as one of the best humectants because it does not contain any additives (you can search for Manuka honey for example).

Follow these steps then honey could be distributed evenly through your hair extensions:

  • ¼ cup of raw/organic honey
  • add some water for fear of sticky mess.
  • massage gently and leave for 30 minutes
  • finally, wash with warm water.

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Additionally, honey can be mixed with other substances such as water and olive oil for other purposes. One vivid illustration could be to highlight your hair extensions. Scientists state that honey generates the enzyme glucose oxidase. Since this enzyme dives in your hair extensions, throughout the time, it slowly releases hydrogen peroxide – an agent to lighten hair. By soaking a mixture of three tablespoons of honey with two tablespoons of water for one hour, you could bring the shine back way to care hair extensions as the first time you have it.

Natural care for hair extensions by avocado

Care for hair extensions at home
Care for hair extensions at home

It will be a miss if this article does not mention avocado in the list of natural conditioners. It is widely accepted that the avocado is a nutritious fruit, which is helpful for both skin and hair.

Similar to coconut oil, avocado is beneficial in that it fights against the nastiest enemy of your hair called dryness. Fatty amino acids in this fruit supply your hair with deep hydration, which adds extra shiny soft hair extensions and extends their lifelong.

The recipe includes one avocado, two spoons of olive oil, heavy cream and water. You can see its magic if you blend them together, apply to your hair extensions and wait for 20 minutes before washing under warm water.

Therefore, you can both save your time and improve your human extensions in better conditions.


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