3 basic questions about Cholesterol cream for hair growth

Your hair is dull, lifeless? Is it brittle and limp? These all indicate the existence of your damaged, rough hair. You can find out dozens of treatments to save your hair, yet the real life-rescue product for it would be Cholesterol cream for hair growth. What is it and what are its benefits? Stay till the end to find out with us!

What is cholesterol cream for hair growth?

You may have heard of bad effects of cholesterol as a threat to our health and our hearts. Thus, why people say that this health-threatening component would surprisingly benefit your hair?

What is cholesterol?

The truth is, cholesterol is essential for a good health and only be a trouble if the level in your blood is so high. Cholesterol is a waxy fat-like component, can be found in almost all foods and presents in every cell of our bodies. That is the reason why cholesterol is the common part in lots of beauty recipes for skin and hair.

Cholesterol for hair?

When used for hair, cholesterol – with its richness of lipids and fats, can add moisture and strength to your hair while giving more definition. It is also said to bring more shine to your dull, lifeless hair, make it lively and adorable.

Why should you treat your hair with cholesterol?  

Besides dozens of other ingredients that are told to serve your hair well, why is that cholesterol cream is the must-use one?

It’s cheap and available

Yes, that’s right. For decades, cholesterol has been well famous as the cheapest available deep conditioner for hair. It exists in almost all hair care products that you are may using, especially in the conditioners. Some experts even suggest us to use mayonnaise as the very rich source of cholesterol cream for hair growth.  

It heals your damaged hair

As mentioned above, cholesterol is the main ingredient in dozens of the most common-used products for hair, especially the deep-conditioners. That means cholesterol plays a vital role in healing your damaged hair.


Cholesterol cream for hair growth
Cholesterol cream for hair growth and shine

Experts also agree with that. Cholesterol cream for hair growth even adds a great deal of moisture and shine to your lifeless hair. Besides, cholesterol owns such a thick, consistent texture that makes it perfect for an alternative, pesticide-free lice treatment for your locks.

It can be used for all hair types

Unlike some other ingredients that cannot be perfectly effective on certain hair types, cholesterol matches all. Forget your worry about the extra sebum nor the buildup! With its nature of cold and thick, cholesterol smears on your stripes with petroleum jelly-like consistency.

However, once you put the heat on, the product’s texture quickly changes. It becomes malleable, and you can easily rinse it away with warm water. With the cholesterol cream for hair growth, no more worry about greasy residue on your hair, right?

How to use?

We are in the era of thousands of crazy hairstyles, and our hair tolerates them all. Among thousands of therapies out there, you need to choose the right treatment for your hair to restore its lustrous nature. Below would be several outstanding therapies of cholesterol cream for hair growth. Let’s check it out!

Mayonnaise – cheapest cholesterol cream for hair growth

One of the easiest-to-use and oldest form of cholesterol therapies for hair is Mayonnaise. This thick, cold, white sauce was first known in 1950s, and hair conditioning with mayonnaise was extremely all the rage at that time. You can buy mayo from stores or make it at home with eggs and oils.

Cholesterol cream for hair growth
Mayonnaise – the cheapest cholesterol cream for hair growth

To do a mayonnaise hair treatment, first, start with your wet hair. Take an amount of mayonnaise into your hand (just like the amount you often use with your daily conditioner) and evenly distribute the cream onto your hair. When your hair is fully saturated with mayo, put on a shower cap or plastic bag around your head to trap the heat.

Leave the cream on your hair for about 15-20 minutes, and then gently rinse it off with warm water. Tadaa, and there it is your lustrous, saturated, soft and shiny hair thanks to mayonnaise. This cheap sauce is also a perfect type of cholesterol cream for hair growth.

Cholesterol deep conditioning treatment

This is the most widely used cholesterol cream for hair growth, especially among hair professors. You can use solely the deep conditioner bought from stores or add some olive oil onto the cream for better results. This recipe would make your hair shinier, silkier and smoother.

When deep-condition your hair with cholesterol cream, don’t forget covering it with a plastic cap, and then a warm towel or sit under a hooded dryer. Depending on your hair condition and level of damage that you should let the cream sit for 15 – 60 minutes.

Cholesterol hot oil treatment

If you often style your hair with heat or chemicals, this therapy is necessary. This cholesterol cream for hair growth can also help to restore hair’s natural moisture and bring back its sheen. Regular use of this recipe would give your hair a better, healthier look.

Again, never forget to wrap a plastic bag around your hair after applying the oil on. In addition, cholesterol oil would be at its best effect if you apply it after shampoo. Let the texture sit on for 1-2 minutes, then gently rinse it off with warm water. Don’t forget the conditioner as well.

Cholesterol cream for hair growth
Never forget your hair cap when using cholesterol cream for hair growth

Always remember, cholesterol cream for hair growth is for external use only! Consuming a great amount of cholesterol-rich food would help nothing but raise your blood cholesterol level, which is terrible to your health. Regularly try with these treatments. And let us know if your hair does become smoother, softer, shinier and silkier!

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