The essential guide on does hair dye kill lice for you

At present, lice are only an acute problem from 10-20 years ago. Now, the small parasites are struggling with professional remedies. Each generation has its own modern means of killing lice and eggs, and some of them are simply improved. Hair dye is considered one of the effective ways to quickly remove lice on your head. This is considered to be one of the most effective means of fighting lice. In this article, let’s find the answer to the question “
does hair dye kill lice” with us?

The basic principle of hair dye on removing lice and eggs


does hair dye kill lice
Does hair dye kill lice and their eggs? (Source: Internet)

Hair color is considered one of the main and the most basic things in the life of every beautiful woman. Today, women prefer drugs that do not damage hair, do not contain unpleasant odors, and able to retain color for a long time. Manufacturers must seriously break their brains to meet the needs of modern beauties. As a result, they have replaced one of the major components of hair dye – hydrogen peroxide – into less active ingredients. However, it is hydrogen peroxide that can remove and kill lice and its eggs. Therefore, the color of the pediculosis is selected with the additional characteristics of a caustic, strong corrosive component.

Hydrogen peroxide is considered a long-standing folk remedy with lice and eggs. The drug works as alcohol, vinegar, kerosene, but it hides its features. Hydrogen peroxide itself is widely used in medicine for various purposes. And recently it has also been used in aesthetics. This chemically active substance has a strong oxidizing effect, promoting the destruction of complex biological structures and organic molecules. Hydrogen peroxide removes bacteria, microorganisms, fungi, viruses as well as provide quality sterilization. In the presence of severe wounds, ulcers, this types of medication are also poured to exfoliate dead skin cells and make a pus-split.

As for the anti-lice role, hydrogen peroxide corrodes the chitinous sheath. It gradually goes inside and does the same with the organ. As a result, the inevitable death of the insect follows. For hydrogen peroxide affects lice and eggs, you need direct contact. And if at the same time to ensure the absence of oxygen, the effectiveness of the drug increased at times. The lice will feel uncomfortable also from the sharp odor of the hydrogen peroxide.

In addition, hydrogen peroxide works on eggs. Unfortunately, it is not capable of eroding the eggshell but can remove the sticky substance when it sticks to the hair. Lice eggs are attached to the hair with a sticky substance. Water, soap cannot destroy it. Lice eggs continue to grow on the hair when they get contacted with the comb. Hydrogen peroxide destroys a sticky substance, the lice eggs literally collapse from scratch after applying the hydrogen peroxide into the hair. It has also been pointed out that hair dyes based on peroxide help from lice and eggs along with from pediculosis.

The effects of hair dye on lice and lice eggs

does hair dye kill lice
Can lice and their eggs be removed by the hydrogen peroxide on hair dye? (Source: Internet)

To remove lice and hair nits from hair by hair dye, the hair will have to be lightened, or even bleached. Because the color of the blonde girls contains the largest amount of hydrogen peroxide. Dyeing the individual yarn will not give you the desired result. The hair needs to be completely treated. The lice will run away. If part of the hair is not treated, they can stay successfully there.

For contact with lice and eggs, the direct contact of hydrogen peroxide with insects is essential. The exposure time of the hair dye must be at least 20 minutes. In long hair, the time is increased to 45 minutes. This is enough to ensure that hair color is distributed across all fibers, and lice and eggs have time to feel its effects.

Your head will have to be put on a plastic bag or a special cap to color the hair. Or you can put all of your hair on a towel or handkerchief. In this way, oxygen supply to insects will be limited, and high temperatures inside the dryer will accelerate the reaction. Hair dyes will become toxic to the lice.

Do not forget that eggs do not be killed immediately like lice. After applying the hair dye on hair, you should use small comb brushing the hair to leave them out, which is really necessary. The end result depends on the quality of the process. If everything is done according to the rules, you can remove lice and eggs with the hair dye and comb them out at once.

Rules apply hair dye for killing lice and eggs

does hair dye kill lice
Will hair dye kill lice and nits? (Source: Internet)

The rules for using hair dye with pediculosis are not different from conventional dyes. For girls and women often carry out this procedure, difficulties should not arise. The only rule is that a sensitivity check is required. To do this, dilute a portion of the hair dye, applied on the bent elbow. If there is no other irritation or reaction to the skin within 5 minutes, you can proceed.

  • Painted in a non-metallic container.
  • Apply the original drug to the time zone, the forehead. In this section eggs are usually placed, lice often live.
  • Distribute the paint for all hair.
  • Wear a plastic bag or lid.
  • Tie a towel.
  • Leave for about 20-45 minutes.
  • Rinse off with water.
  • Dry with a towel.
  • Start the process of combing lice and eggs.

Hair dye based on hydrogen peroxide can kill lice on the head but does not guarantee complete removal. Maybe some individuals can survive. Especially if the infection is strong pediculosis. Increases the effectiveness of painting the exact procedure of the brush. This point needs special attention.

Other ways to remove lice and eggs

Now, after finding out the answer for the question “does hair dye kill lice and their eggs”, there are some more alternative ways to kill them and get healthy hair. Let’s check this out

4.1. Use white wine and lemon

does hair dye kill lice
White wine can help you remove the lice (Source: Internet)

Lemon is rich in vitamin C to eliminate lice on the scalp and nourish hair becomes stronger. As a result, lemon is often combined with alcohol to treat head lice effectively.

Very simple, you just mix wine with warm water squeeze a few lemon pieces and massage the head with this water. About 10 minutes, then shampoo with herbal shampoo and apply coconut oil to your hair.

4.2. White wine and olive oil

Turning your hair with olive oil and alcohol is a good way to remove lice that many people have applied. You just mix half a cup of wine with 2-3 tablespoons of olive oil and mix this mixture on your hair. Massage gently and then cover with a towel, keeping it overnight and then wash it again.

4.3. Wash your hair with water and vinegar

Lice are wrapped in sticky material that attaches to the roots. It has been found that vinegar contains chemicals that can dissolve the sticky substance, making it impossible for the egg to stick to the hair.

Knelt in front of the pot and put your head under the tap. Turn warm water and wet your hair completely. Then turn off the water, still in the kneeling position and pour a large amount of vinegar into the hair. Make sure all the hairs are sealed with vinegar. Then wash your head with warm water. Another way is to mix water and vinegar into 1: 1 pot. Dip the hair completely in the bowl by lowering your head or bending your head back. Then brush with dry conditioners to remove tangled hair. Try to brush your hair smoothly so that when using lice brush will be easier.

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After shampooing, you need to start combing the eggs out of your hair. If you are infected with lice, ask someone else to help. You need metal lice to comb with thick teeth, and hard plastic to outperform plastic. These lice combs can be purchased for less than $10 in pharmacies. You’d better got the magnifying glass because small eggs are more likely to be detected.
A large number of eggs are shampooed when you use vinegar. However, there will be other eggs attached to the wet hair. Each time you should only treat a small set of hair – about the width of the comb – then slowly brush the entire head.

After finishing all, you need to rinse the comb thoroughly after each comb. After you have combed your hair, wash your combs in a bowl of water. Then wipe the comb with a tissue, and make sure to clean all lice and eggs on the comb.

4.4. Olive oil and salt

Olive oil is also a multi-use material that is good for the skin… but also can treat lice effectively. It contains many nutrients such as vitamin E, C, high antioxidant and strong antibacterial, effective parasite suppression. Normally, when the salt is mixed with olive oil, after 2-3 times, you have seen a marked reduction in lice.

Materials needed for this way include 2 tablespoons of olive oil and 1 tablespoon of salt. First, you need to dissolve the salt in olive oil. After shampooing, apply the mixture to your hair and scalp. Cover the head with a towel around 30-40 minutes. Then wash with cool water and shampoo as usual.

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