5 tips on how you care for your hair extensions

Its seem easy for you now to have your hair extensions from shop online or from high quality salon. But how to care for hair extension is and should be a hard important step to getting a really beautiful hair. Not only your time but also your knowledge and efforts will contribute to this process. We sure that you don’t want waste your money for only about one or half month with this.

So what are you waiting for? Let get start right now.

Asking for your friend experience or advise from hair stylist are the good way to get start to know about hair extensions. Beside you can take a look at some useful tips on hair extensions maintenance below:

Brush your hair well

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First of all, you should brushing your extension regularly, right and using quality tool. We recommend soft bristle brush or pro tooth brush will help detangle your hair without damaging.

Its nothing about difficult skill or technique to ensure long lasting your hair extensions. All you need is your patience and care. Remember start from the bottom, like you use to do with natural hair before you move to the top part. Be very softly with extension part if you do not want your weekly extension break or looking a mess in your head.

Wash up gently

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Avoding washing your hair for one to two days since you just gotten extensions to let them adhere firmly.

When you whashing, image your extension is petal. You need to water them without damage the petal. The fact that your hair extensions will not easy to get dirt like your natural hair. But do not intend wash it once time a week.

Firstly you need wash quickly your head with cold water. Then using good shampoo and do it slow. Wash extension part little by little with downward motion when shampooing and rinsing them. Using comb is fine but not be advisable.

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Use deep condition


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Using profession nourishing condition once a month will help your hair extensions look strong and shiny. You can spray it on or using with shampoo in every inches of your hair pieces. Do not using any kind of oil or silicon shampoo avoiding breakable extensions part from your real hair.

Over-using condition can cause your hair limp and dull as well as easily get dirty again. The best time is once or twice a month.

Let your hair dry naturally


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After washing gently your hair extensions, let them dry fully or at least 30 minutes before making hair style. Stay away from hair dryer and stick with soft towel. You can make your best style with your completely dry hair without tangles or crease causing when sleeping. Its also help prolong your hair extensions’ durability.

Store carefully

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You can take out clip-in extension when sleeping to avoid breakage. Be carefull when you store them if you want assured hair extensions will not be terrible for the next time using.

You should clean, condition and make sure them dry before put them on. The best place for store them is air-tight box big enough to fit in perfectly. Don’t forget check it regularly to check if them discolored or moldy.

Hope that tips will helpful for you and keep reading to know more about hair extensions maintenance and enjoy caring for hair extensions like a professional.

We have experiences for years of selling hair extensions and caring thoudsands customer from foreign countries. Its our pleasant to serve you.


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