Anyone of us wants to become beautiful in front of the other people, especially women care about this topic  than men . You want to be splendid with a great new hairstyle when you go out but you don’t how to do. Today, we will introduce for you some hairstyles step by step that is very easy to perform. Let us refer easy steps as follows :

Step by step hairstyle tutorials with Braided Chignon

hairstyles step by step

Braided Chignon is a popular hairstyle with women that is not too difficult to perform. Braided Chignon comes from French, women usually do this hairstyle on the wedding, on formal occasion. However, braided chignon has many different variations, so you can do the basic braided chignon on weekdays. Many people have never braided the hair,  it is difficult for them to perform on the first time. However, you can practice it again and again to have the best beautiful braided chignon hairstyle. After many times, we sure that you have experience to make hair yourself. With this hairstyle step by step you will be satisfied.

  • Preparation : Buns, comb, hair clip
  • Step by step to Braid Chignon hairstyle :
  • Taking hair on the top of the head , keeping bangs naturally and braiding microfiber
  • Braiding two sides, one side with 2 microfiber braids.
  • Tying the braided hair across the back of your head.
  • Using hair clip to keep the hair.
  • Rolling up the hair tail and using hair clip for the hair not be fallen

You have maybe short hair or long hair, that is very important  to make a beautiful hairstyle, but we are going to show you step by step hairstyles tutorials for each kind of hair . This hairstyle is very beautiful for you on formal occasions. However, this hairstyle is suitable to long hair girls. But women who have short hair don’t worry, we also introduce to you some hairstyles for short hair.

Hairstyles for short hair step by step

Some people think that the only long hair can be braided with many variations That is wrong, because the short hair also help you become stylish and fashionable. However, if you know how to make hairstyles with highlight you will look elegant on formal occasions. Therefore, you just need refer hairstyles step by step and practice to do them in order that you are self-confident anywhere. This hairstyle is very suitable for short hair, you are still attractive in front of the crowd. Therefore, the short hair girls should be self-confident when you go to work, go out or take part in any events.

hairstyles step by step

Steps taken:

  • Taking the right hair and divide to 2 equal parts and twisting it like a spring. Then braiding the hair.
  • Doing the same with the left side.
  • Tying the braided hair across the back of your head.
  • Continue braid the hair in 2 sides and tying like that photo.hairstyles step by step


This hairstyle is not only easy for girls to perform, but also quick. Therefore, you can save your time to do other things such as make up or try the clothes.

Steps taken:

  • Taking the hair from two sides near in front of the face.
  • Tying the hair across the back of your head.
  • Rolling the rest of the hair up .

Fishtail Braid

Here are step by step hairstyle tutorials with fishtail braid. This hairstyle is taking advantage for long hair girls. Because you just braid the hair tail, so it is easy to perform.

hairstyles step by step

Steps taken:

  • Using a hair clip to bun the hair back into ponytail
  • Dividing ponytail into 2 equal part
  • Continuing to divide a half part of the hair from the outside of the left ponytail
  • Doing the same with the right ponytail
  • Pulling the piece across the top of the right over to the left ponytail
  • Continuing to perform like this until run out of the hair

One sided braid

You are more girly with this hairstyle. You might make highlight by one sided braid. We recommend you hairstyles step by step  because this style is easy to perform and is also willowy for women who have no much time to spend for themself. They need time to take care of their children and the family, however they still want to have a great new hairstyle at office.hairstyles step by step


Steps taken:

  • Taking the hair at the top of the head near the bangs
  • Separating them into three parts
  • Braiding three parts

Knotted Chignon

This hairstyle is very easy to do. It looks neat and chic for women when go to work. Some the blonde hair girls choose this hairstyle is very suitable. As you know, the hairstyle express a part of your characteristic, so you should do some hairstyle help you more young and active.

hairstyles step by step

Step 1: Dividing the hair into two parts

Step 2: Crossing two parts like on that photo

Step 3 : Rolling the hair and using hair clip to keep the hair.

Romantic side braid hair

This hairstyle help you become more attractive. You can follow steps to braid this hairstyle on the photo. With the girls who have oral face, romantic side braid is a best choice, they will be girly and elegant.

hairstyles step by step

In conclusion , there are many hairstyles for you choose to change yourself everyday. We have some step by step tutorials for great hairstyles and hope you can refer and use in your list hairstyles.

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