The essential hair guide for mom: How to make baby hair grow faster

How to make baby hair grow faster

From being a newborn to the age of 1, some children have only a few hairs on their heads. Especially, when your baby is a girl and you want to make some beautiful hairstyles for children, but it’s so difficult because your daughter’s hair is too short. Therefore, there are a lot of moms want a helpful answer for the question: How to make baby hair grow faster? Infants can have thick hair when they are born, however, there are also few babies who only have some fragile hair. The desire to have a long, thick, healthy hair is always the wish of all mothers. For those who are wondering how to make long-lasting hair, do not skip these little tips.

Want more hair to grow to make more hairstyles for baby? However, before you do this, first you should know how to care for your baby. The following tips to help hair grow fast hope to help you.

 How to make baby hair grow faster

How to make baby hair grow faster? (Source: Internet)

How can you make babies hair grow faster

Place your baby on his stomach

 How to make baby hair grow faster

Let your baby lay on tummy can help a lot (Source: Internet)

Infants spend a lot of time lying on their back, which can make their hair easy to get tangled. If the hair is rubbed with a pillow, blanket or mat for a long time, it can be clotting, difficult to remove, resulting in hair loss. Therefore, you should avoid letting your baby on his or her back, change the lie position of the baby regularly and if there is time, you should put him on the stomach for a few minutes to grow your baby’s hair faster, and avoid shedding.


Change the diet

Eating healthy is a natural way to help children have healthy hair. Mothers should eat more foods which are rich in protein and good for hair such as salmon, eggs, and spinach. Vitamin D is also essential for healthy hair, so baby should also be eating sweet potatoes, almonds, carrots, apricots, and pumpkins. Also, dairy products like yogurt also help to grow healthy hair because they are a good source of calcium. In addition, you should also add vitamin D, E, B7, and B12 in the diet. Eating 2 to 3 almonds a day will help your hair grow faster.

Wash your baby’s hair regularly

 How to make baby hair grow faster

Regular baby’s hair wash (Source: Internet)

You should use mild soaps or infant shampoos for your baby. It is also recommended that you wash your baby’s hair 3-4 times a week. You can also message him or her with oils before shampooing to reduce the curly and dry hair. This is a very simple tip for those who are wondering about how to make baby hair grow faster.

Natural care products are also good because they contain no chemicals which are harmful to your child. Egg whites, hibiscus flowers, mixed honey, and vinegar or a mixture of butter, honey, and coconut milk are natural hair care products you can try.

Use gelatin to make your hair sleek

Gelatin enhances the growth of hair, smoothes hair and reduces dandruff. In addition, it contains glycine and proline (amino acids), essential nutrients in the diet. However, because your baby can only eat liquid, you can not put gelatin into the diet, so you should use it directly on your baby’s hair.

Mix gelatin with an equal proportion of hot water and cold water, add apple cider vinegar, honey. Just a few simple steps you have a bottle of scalp massage for baby. After drying, use shampoo to clean.

Hair care products sold outside may contain silicone that causes hair to fall off quickly and damage the hair in the long run. Gelatin contains only protein keratin to keep hair healthy and harmless.

Brush your baby’s hair with combs

 How to make baby hair grow faster

Brushing your baby’s hair gently with comb helps to grow hair faster (Source: Internet)


There are very normal things that bring amazing effects such as comb, dry or shampoo for children. Even caring the hair of adults should not be so skimpy, the child’s hair should be cared thoroughly.

Do not brush your baby’s hair too hard. If your baby’s hair is brushed too little, it will be prone to tangle. So, you brush your baby’s hair after shampooing. This will help the hair grow healthy and help improve blood circulation. If your baby’s hair is curly, you ought to comb it. If necessary, you can always cut your baby’s tangled hair.

Do not dry your baby’s hair with a dryer

This is another way on how to make baby hair grow faster. Adults may need lack of time so they can use the hairdryer. However, with little children, nothing is too urgent. Mum should let her or his hair dry naturally. Do not dry your hair with any kind of artificial heat, as it can leave the baby’s hair dry and discolored.
Choose the right shampoo

Newborns may not go out of the sun much so they may not get dirty too often. But, it is important to stimulate fast growing hair to maintain a clean scalp. So, mom should wash the baby’s head 3-4 times a week and it is best to choose a shampoo for children with natural extracts, avoiding chemicals.

Some ways for how to make baby hair grow faster using natural ingredients

For mothers with young girls, want to grow fast and smooth hair, not dry body can do some hair styling formula from nature. These following tips can be done with a baby over 2 years old.

– Aloe vera is good for the skin and hair of young children. If you have aloe vera plants in the garden, you can take the aloe vera juice and mix with distilled water to wash your baby’s head. This can be applied with a baby over 2 years old. It’s a very effective way on how to make baby hair grow faster.

– Mix half a cup of pure honey and half a cup of olive oil with an egg yolk. Apply the mixture to the baby’s hair and gently massage the oily skin. Incubate the mixture for 15 minutes and then wash.

– Grate a ripe banana with two tablespoons of olive oil and a tablespoon of honey and a teaspoon of yogurt. Incubate in baby hair for 10 minutes and then rinse.

– Use half of the avocado, mixed with coconut oil and a tablespoon of honey. Apply on the hair for 15 minutes and then wash it.  

The above is a guide on how to make baby hair grow faster, which can give you some tips and suggestions to make your baby’s hair get longer and healthier. Hopefully, your baby will always have nice hair. Wishing you all the best.


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