A perfect guide on how to shave your buttcrack hair female

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When it comes to hair removal, most people just think of eliminating hair in some typical areas such as hands, legs or around lips area. However, during the teenage period, some of the hairs in the butt crack will develop strongly, causing a lot of discomfort and unpleasant feelings. With the main task of eliminating the scum out of the body, the anus is also considered as an important place which needs paying attention to protect, avoid the dense hair. So that, it always needs to be clean, dry, avoid the infectious cause. However, buttcrack hair removal will not be as simple as removing hands and feet hair and it will need to be handled carefully. In this article, let’s find out how to shave your buttcrack hair female.

how to shave your buttcrack hair female
Too much hair on the body will be an annoying thing (Source: Internet)

Why buttcrack hair should be removed?

When you reach puberty, you will notice that your genitals are changing a lot. You will notice the appearance of hair around the genitals, in the pubis, there are hairs grow in the groin, around the anus. First is the appearance of pubic hair. At first, only a few strands appear, and then the hairs will grow more and more curly. Men, especially under the effect of male hormones, will make the hair grow more and stiffer, they grow on both the abdomen, thigh, and around the anal hole.

Hair grows more or less depending on the hormonal factors, especially the hormone with the different hormonal rate so anyone who develops the hormone is more hairy. And the hair around the anus does not affect your reproductive health. Also, when you see hairs and no itch, it’s not a disease.

how to shave your buttcrack hair female
How to shave your buttcrack hair female? (Source: Internet)

The appearance of the anal or private area hair is a very natural reaction of the body. However, if the hair is too thick, it will make you very uncomfortable, easily cause the wet and dirty situation, inflammation. Besides, too much hair on this area also makes the daily life affected. So many people want to clean the anal area to keep the area clean, comfortable feeling

How to shave your buttcrack hair female

Things to do for shaving your buttcrack female

Take a shower with warm water in order to make the hair follicles softer. It will be easier to remove the hard part of the hair in the bottom crack. It sounds like this is a redundant job, but it will make the shaving process easier to control. this is the first step on how to shave your buttcrack hair female.

If you do not have time, simply wet a small towel with warm water and cover on the closed hair area for about five minutes, which will also give the same result.

People who had experience about shaving bottom crack will often tell you that it is best to remove dead skin before and after shaving, but most tips will show that just removing dead cells after shaving is enough. Scrubbing the dead skins will help to keep the hair outward from the skin so you can shave more closely and avoid the risk of razors scraping your skin. So if you have a lot of time, scrub before shaving is good for the skin.

Use foaming cream to prevent skin irritation.

This is the second step on how to shave your buttcrack hair female. You can use an odorless shampoo, creams or gels to create foaming around the area where you want to shave. You should use creams for shaved hair rather than using facial creams because of the use of these two creams are different. Do not shave when the hair is dry. Also, always apply a shaving cream on another area of your body to see if it is allergic to you before deciding to use it for closed areas.

The product labeled for women does not mean that men can not use it. Often, women’s shampoos are usually milder than men’s. In addition, men’s shaving creams are usually fragrant, so they are more likely to cause allergic reactions to the skin. So if you are male, you can also take the opportunity of your girlfriend/sister/roommate you do not mind to borrow these products to use also, they will not know!

Use a razor.

The third step of how to shave your buttcrack hair female is this step. Use a new razor. The newer the razor is, the better. If it’s a multi-blade razor and you have aloe vera softening, it’s even better. Blue or pink razors are not important. If it is sharp or has multiple tongues, it is not only easy for you to use but also safe for your skin.

Tighten the skin to shave. If you do not stretch the skin it will be very easy to cut into your skin. Razors are used only on flat surfaces. Use one hand to stretch the skin and keep the position so that you can begin shaving.

Clean the bathroom after shaving. If you let the broken hair in the bathroom clog the sewer, you will probably be punished by a week and will be teased by everyone in the house. To avoid this awkward situation, remember to clean the bathroom.

Things to do to prevent redness and itching

Scrub in order to keep the skin clean

This will help cleanse the skin after you shave and prevent the hair from growing backward. Using a bath soap and gently cleansing the shaved area will help remove excess substances that can clog your pores and prevent hair from getting back. Here are some tips from the experts: You should use sugar scrub for your skin to make it as soft as baby’s skin. If you do not have this cream, use a baking soda mixture as it will have the same effect on your skin.

Use Paraffin oil to soften the skin.

Paraffin oil is rich in antimicrobial agents that help prevent skin infections and quickly heal damaged areas. Massage the shaved hair area with Paraffin oil in the hair area is shaved twice a day for a week. No need to rinse with water after use. This oil is easily absorbed into the skin so it is not necessary to rinse with water.

Rinse leftover hair after shaving, then gently dry it and apply moisturizer. You can use Aloe Vera, baby oil, or moisturizers for sensitive skin. Paraffin oil contains antioxidants that help prevent skin rash when rubbed. Avoid using moisturizing products that contain flavoring and coloring.

No matter what type you use, remember to do not use a variety of flavors. And especially do not use male lotion after shaving.

Nivea, Hazeltine is a lot of skin care products. You can buy in supermarkets like Coopmart, Coop eXtra or convenience stores like B Mart, Family Mart.

Be careful in the use of skin powder. Powders that easily absorb sweat and oil around the area can help reduce redness or irritation. However, you must be absolutely careful not to let these types of powders fall into the genitals. You should also avoid slippery products as it will clog the pores and cause acne.

These above are some tips on how to shave your buttcrack hair female, which would give you the guide on how to shave the hair on some special area of the body. Hopefully, you find this article helpful for your shaving experience. Wishing you all the best.

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