How to take care of long hair with the simplest ways everyday

Time over time, long hair is considered to be typical of female beauty. However, in the modern life now, the men can also have a long hair, which makes them become swell and cool. Having long hair isn’t easy, it takes us a long time to have long hair. It may be up to 2 to 3 years for our hair to lengthen enough. It’s hard to have long hair so do you really know how to take care of long hair? I will give you the way to take care of your long hair and how to make your hair grow quickly.

How to care of long hair always smooth to be confident through summer 2018

How to make long hair is always smooth through the summer heat or the sudden rain is not easy. The girl has a long, silky hair that is always attractive, especially attractive for the men. Many girls do feel sad when their hair go through many times being straight and curly hair. Their hair has been transformed into a catastrophic condition. And if that is your problem, then I will give you the best hair care tips right now.

Avoid shampooing too much

One of the first tips for smooth hair is to limit shampooing too often. Because most shampoos contain chemicals and sulfates, they can dry up the natural oils on the skin, resulting in weakening of the hair roots and damage to your hair. Each week, you should stop at a density of 2 to 3 shampoo. However, in case your scalp is too much oil and irritating, try using dry shampoo as a solution.

Also, shampooing in the right way will help your hair grow quickly.  Do not think shampoo is a simple thing and you usually do not pay too much attention to this issue. Many of you think that shampooing will be good for keeping your hair clean and smooth. But this is a false thought, many shampoos will make the hair dry, break easily and resistance of hair with weaker environment. So, if you can wash your hair suitable, it will be stimulated to grow faster.

Shampoo in the right way.

how to take care of long hair
how to take care of long hair

Protect hair when hair is in thermal exposure

Long hair is a kind of hair that we can make many hairstyles. Changing your hairstyle with heaters such as bending machines or presses is essential whenever you want to look beautiful in important events. However, this “glorious moment” will take away nutrients and quickly make the hair dry. So, before the beauty, do not forget to spray a little protection to protect hair from heat and avoid damage caused by the hair.

how to take care of long hair
how to take care of long hair

Make your long hair dry properly

Many women have a habit of wrapping and rubbing their hair with a dry towel whenever they wash their hair. However, this little work has a “giant” effect than you think. It will remove the nutrients in your hair and make your hair easily break. Use a towel to pat your hair dry. In addition, you can dry your hair by hand or dryer at a light / cool temperature.

Also, you can use a soft towel to dry your hair. One of the ways to damage your hair is to use a hard, rough towel to wipe your hair after shampooing. In particular, you often have the habit of cleaning your hands quickly to dry. This bad habit causes the hair to be dry, friction strong and easy to fall, inhibiting the growth of long hair. Instead, use a soft cotton towel, gently wipe or just soak it and squeeze it lightly on the drape.

how to take care of long hair
how to take care of long hair


Did you know that too much tangled hair is a wake-up call to cut your hair? Of course, you can not dream about shiny hair with split ends of hair. Therefore, it is advisable for you to take the time to trim the tangle hair every month. This will minimize the amount of fiber and stimulate your hair to grow faster and shine.

Tips about ” How to take care of long hair ” from chemical

Keep away and limit using the chemical to hair

Women often make hair, styling, … This lead hair to become extremely weak, affected by the chemicals are very harmful. Each time you stamp, bend, stretch, … make your hair hurt. Hair follicles are also affected, leading to breakage of hair, which cannot be extended.

In the long run, you should limit the chemicals with your hair. Instead, regularly coat your hair with a variety of “hair masks” such as coconut oil, fresh milk, eggs, … to have a beautiful, long-lasting hair.

Provide enough nutrition for the hair

Hair, as well as other parts of the body, should be provided with sufficient nutrition to grow and grow longer each day. So, add the necessary nutrients in your daily diet: Omega-3 fatty acids, iron, zinc and vitamins E, B and A so your hair will never get being shortage.

In addition to the methods and tips above, you should combine hair care with natural products such as grapefruit, tea tree,… which help your hair grow fastest and the strongest. I have just give you tips about how to take care of long hair. If you have any questions, please give comment below for me.

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