Ivirgo hair company review from a long experienced customer

Traditionally, people are more familiar to hair wigs than hair extensions. However, if you update and take a closer look to necessities of celebrities, you may realize that they are not wearing wigs but a gut feeling tells you that they are not their natural strands. Yes, you are right because, in the hair field, we call them hair extensions or hair integrations.

What are hair extensions or how many types of integrations are there? These questions are answered in other articles and if you want to know more about them, try to find by using our built-in search engine.

Ivirgo hair review
Instant methods to get that glamourous look (Source: Internet)

Setting a goal to bring about an awesome life hack to ladies all over the world, Ivirgo has gained significant achievements during their operation. With years of experience in market researching and servicing, Ivirgo hair knows you the best. Would not it be a magic if you do not need to worry too much about your hair cut regret or a big event which is upcoming?

Should it be the first time you have browsed through Ivirgo hair’s website, you may feel confused because you do not really know us and you may feel unsafe with our products. It is understandable; however, why not listen to our introduction and most of Ivirgo hair reviews, then make your own decision later?

Does Ivirgo hair meet standard requirements of hair extensions?

First, if you have checked Ivirgo hair review and feedback, you may find several photos in which previous customers made complimentary lines about us. This partially means the quality of Ivirgo hair products does convince them.

It is the belief of customers and hair review that encourage Ivirgo to keep the top wholesale and retail raw Vietnamese hair extension vendors. Ivirgo hair’s headquarter and factories are put right in Hanoi – the capital of Vietnam. Moreover, Ivirgo has 10 years of experience in domestic human hair collection and distribute, plus 5 years of human hair international trade. Therefore, everything seems to facilitate this business to succeed in the current hair market.

Ivirgo hair review
Customers can have the privilege to see the photos of products that are taken right in Ivirgo’s company or factory (Source: Ivirgo hair)

A good quality of hair comes from the donor’s hair and how a company processes it. You can feel the difference if you are going for hair extensions of Ivirgo hair. Whether it is length, health or thickness that you desire, Ivirgo hair’s collection offers you with various options and you will love them to the moon and back.

You will be provided with a detailed description of each product and if you are still vague about something, the 24/7 customer servicers are always there to help you. Ivirgo hair understands that not all heads need the same quantity of hair bundles or not everyone could aford the highest quality product. Just tell them your requirements and you will get a helpful piece of advice.

Various hair collections that Ivirgo hair offers

Ivirgo hair focuses on hair originating from Vietnam and Cambodia. Therefore, if you are seeking for these strands and hair with similar textures, you are finding the right spot. To ensure high quality and a perfect look for customers, Ivirgo hair favors human hair extensions and most of Ivirgo hair review is related to this type of hair.

Vietnamese hair from Ivirgo

Ivirgo hair review
Beautiful strands will lure you into purchasing even the quality of photos is not that impressive (Source: Internet)

Have you ever touched your fingers to Vietnamese strands? If you have, you must be impressed by that lustrous and inexplicably fabulous hair. In fact, Vietnamese hair extensions are gaining their popularity though Brazilian and Indian hair still dominate the market.

However, it is worth noted that when you check Ivirgo hair review or any comments of users in other websites, you may find that the quality of brand names is going down while Vietnamese hair is loved and cared by more clients. From the silky types to those which are slightly coarse, it still holds curls better than other types of hair.

Ivirgo hair review
If you ask 10 people to give Ivirgo hair review when it comes to Vietnamese hair, we can be proud to say that 10 out of 10 would highly recommend us (Source: Ivirgo hair)

Moreover, as Ivirgo directly collects hair from local people in Vietnam and Cambodian, you can have a chance to buy thin hair – the most wonderful kind in the world. It is extracted from hair of kids and teens; hence, everything is in mint conditions – no chemical treatment, no hair loss, just strong and healthy ones.

Ivirgo hair supplies clients with super double hair drawn, euro standard hair, same length hair and virgin hair – no mixed and from one donor. As for virgin hair – the top-searched keyword in Google, we have to say that you will find hard to seek for a hair vendor who can ensure you 100% virgin hair if its headquarter is not located in Vietnam.

Ivirgo hair review
Bulk hair after being collected from all villages in Vietnam (Source: Ivirgo hair)
  • Cambodian hair
Ivirgo hair review
This is Cambodian natural wavy double drawn hair of 20 inch (Source: Ivirgo hair)

In Cambodia, women have to sell their hair to feed their family and gradually, it becomes an ideal place for hair extension vendors to approach and exploit. Ivirgo hair offers clients with natural Cambodian hair, which means that you can have a golden chance to try the soft, smooth and mysterious black strands. We are sure that it suits any personality or style.

Plus, thanks to the emergence of Ivirgo hair company, you are fully equipped with all three main textures of Cambodian hair which are straight, wavy and curly strands. One special thing that makes hair reviewers love Ivirgo is that it offers kinky hair.

Ivirgo hair review
This is how kinky curly weave 10 inch looks like (Source: Ivirgo hair)

Straight is straight, wavy hair includes soft curves, curly is a bit tighter and kinky is the sharpest turns. We provide you with a guide to check no matter how your decision would be.

Ivirgo hair review
It is necessary to know these small things. (Source: Internet)
  • Other human hair extensions

As you can see in the Ivirgo hair review column on the website, Ivirgo does not only sell Cambodian and Vietnamese hair. It is also a good spot for you to look for other types of human hair extensions, especially colored ones.

Ivirgo hair review
Ombre is one of the trendiest color up to now (Source: Internet)

In this column, Ivirgo hair will introduce you to various types of human hair extensions that are popular these days and you may need them for your special occasion. You will see lots of terms related to hair extensions such as flat tips, U-tips and clip in hair extensions. Do not worry because they vary in terms of form only.

Additionally, as a customer of Ivirgo, you can also experience lace and frontal closure. These are popular items for women who care about their strands. The closure helps you to install a wig without leaving out any natural strand.

Ivirgo hair review
4 inch straight frontal by machine single weft (Source: Ivirgo hair)

Hair processing of Ivirgo hair in general

Ivirgo hair has the right to be proud of the professionalism and high prestige in that our products are 100% original in bulk and weft with high quality. We just provide you with exact strands that have been directly cut from donors’ head and we say no to processed or chemical substance.


You can wander around our factory to see how effective Ivirgo hair is working (Source: Ivirgo)

Ivirgo hair’s factory is located in Bac Ninh province where workers are careful in each needle in order for the product to be perfectly finished. Especially for sew in hair extensions, our staff have to sew in strands by hand and it takes them nearly one day to finish a bundle.

Ivirgo hair review
Hair may be sewn in by hand or by machine. However, if it is treated by hands, you can feel the difference right after touching it (Source: Internet)

Why is it better if you buy product from Ivirgo hair? Many customers coming to us confess that they have tried products of other hair vendors and they are very impressed by our hair extensions.

Normally, though they are much shinier than their counterparts, chemically processed hair integrations are not good for your scalp at all. They are likely to cause itchiness and inexplicable annoyance, which you can easily detect. However, if you go for our hair items, we must say that you feel pleasant immediately because everything is original and there is no need for chemical treatment.

Appearance, authenticity and quality experience on Ivirgo hair

Hair extensions could be either a good experience or a nightmare depending on your chosen hair vendor. It is better to hear previous customers’ opinion on the products before making any decision.

Ivirgo hair review
Beautiful tresses make you be on cloud nine for sure (Source: Internet)

In terms of appearance, Ivirgo hair extensions all come in full set and well packaged. From the first sight, you can be satisfied with refined and glossy locks. Without your first touch, you still can feel that the hair is natural and totally kept in good conditions.

When it comes to quality analysis, we must say that Ivirgo hair is extremely kind as their staff always prioritize demands of wearers. The hair ranges from 8 inch to 22 inch and you can style it in chic, modern and trendy ways. In other words, you can be as creative as possible.

Should you be aware of mix and match, you will find that Ivirgo hair is just amazing, elegant and it can blend easily with your own hair. Depending on the grade that you choose, Ivirgo offers you with the equal quality; nevertheless, experts claim that the quality comes above the average one of hair extensions on the current market.

Ivirgo hair review
Hair cuticles are hard to be broken and during styling, you will never happen to meet undirectional strands. Therefore, a completely natural appearance is always achieved with Ivirgo hair products. (Source: Internet)

When you come to Ivirgo hair, one more thing that you can sigh a relief is authenticity. Your payment is always worth it. Should your order be virgin hair, it is made of a single donor hair for sure. We develop our business right in Vietnam; therefore, we know the way to collect and we have reliable sources of raw strands. At least, you have a thing to be convinced.

Moreover, our factory is able to help you color your chosen hair extensions. Normally, when we get access to customers from Brazil, Mexico, Ukraine and so forth, they do not like the black strands of natural Vietnamese or Cambodian hair. Therefore, we also provide with color hair where you can play with a scheme of colors.

Ivirgo hair review
From popular color to unnatural one, you have the whole world to enjoy here (Source: Internet)
(Source: Internet)

Finally, we need to talk about the tangling likelihood and life expectancy of Ivirgo hair. In fact, tangle is one of the determining factors in the quality of a certain hair item. If the strands were not made of human hair, they will start to tangle after a few days of usage.

As a wearer, tangling is the irksome thing that you never welcome. For example, you are going on a date tonight and your expensive bundles of hair extensions betray you. You can imagine how suck it is. However, Ivirgo hair will not let that awful experience happen to you because all of the strands are just remy hair. Hence, you can wash, comb, brush and style in any way you desire with confidence.

In terms of longevity, as most of hair extensions, you have to take good care of them with a view to extending their lifespan. Veronika, a customer from Russia of Ivirgo hair, shared that she had been wearing Vietnamese 18 inch weave for nearly 6 months and it was still in original shape.

Ivirgo hair review
Curls are born to be with Russian girls (Source: Internet)

In theory, Ivirgo hair extensions can last up to more than 18 months. Therefore, it can be considered as a good investment if you pay to buy our value. We sell hair extensions but we also provide real value for the trust. Please keep updated by reading some other Ivirgo hair review to see how long customers can go with our products.

Are Ivirgo hair extensions affordable?

Price is always the key to success or at least to opening the door. No matter how much you love a certain type of hair extensions, you still cannot go for it if it is not budget-friendly. Why not spend some time on reading Ivirgo hair review in form of a sharing post. It made us so touched that we could not resist our pride and appreciation.

It is a post from Mirtha Fermin – a hairstylist in Italia. As an owner of a hair salon, she has to seek for a reasonable source of hair extensions. At the same time, quality of hair should be ensured. This means that Ivirgo hair deserves to be considered as your choice as well if you are looking for the same criteria.

Ivirgo hair review
Fixed price for you to refer to and in special ocassions, you can get a big promotion. What a good deal! (Source: Ivirgo hair)

“To make my clients feel like going to my hair salon, I have to try almost every brand of hair extensions in the world to seek for both affordable and qualified ones. I must say it is a painful experience for a person like me who is originally up to ears in hair styling. Then a colleage told me to find several hair vendors in Asia, which is likely to meet my demands.

I found Ivirgo hair company by accident and I do not expect too much because I have already gone through many vendors, including the good, the bad, the worst and the ugly. And guess what, it turned out to be the wisest action in my life. Ivirgo hair is really the best place and I decided to put my Ivirgo hair review in their website of a longer text than normal.

Ivirgo hair review
If you search the keyword ‘Vietnamese hair extensions’ on Youtube, we are sure that there are hundreds of recommendations on them.(Source: Internet)

I consider myself as a picky kind of person who always investigate things thoroughly before making any decisions or judgements. I was impressed by the motto of Ivirgo hair business as I had a chance to know why Ivirgo is born.

In the context of a myriad of hair extensions on the market, Ivirgo hair challenges to be the one which promotes their exports by the high quality. To defeat others, you should be of standard requirements. To be honest, as a stylist in the field, I am aware of the dark side of the business and thus, I am easily motivated by responsible vendors.

My order is three bundles of 18 inch weave straight virgin hair extensions. Normally, I often order in small quantity before getting a tighter bond with a certain hair vendor. I will talk about the price later because the quality determines the value.

Ivirgo hair review
This is the image of my chosen product on their website (Source: Ivirgo hair)

I do not expect too much as it is out of my habit. As a hairstylist, I know that most hair extension sellers use morphed or stolen pictures of glorious strands on their e-commercial platform. Then what you get is something ugly and poor quality products. However, I must say Ivirgo hair is an exception because they really respect their customers by their real photos. I appreciate them for that reason.

I myself examine the strands I received for appearance, authenticity, tangling, shedding, lifespan, waterproof ability and breakage. On average, Ivirgo hair’s performance is good, which goes beyond my expectation a lot.

Why? Now, it is time for me to explain how I respect your vendor that much. All I have to pay is $410 per one bundle of virgin hair from one donor only. I do not know if your requirement of affordability fits mine but in general, it is not expensive at all. The thing is that you can use for quite a long time and it is a good investment for sure.

Ivirgo hair review
Why not try them on your own and you can know how happy I am? An oriental beauty is achieved thanks to that lustrous tresses.
(Source: Internet)

Customer service

To succeed in the service sector, a hair vendor needs to provide with helpful and enthusiastic customer service. Sometimes, what makes a deal is just the attitude of a seller.

When it comes to Ivirgo hair review, in addition to compliments on quality, people feel good about the energetic customer service staff. Everybody is very helpful in giving some pieces of advice and instructions on how to order or enjoy Ivirgo hair promotion.

Why not spend some time on hearing the opinions of the previous customers on Ivirgo hair review? If ten people all say good things about a thing, that means you should take it into your consideration.

  • Briana from 274 Arcadia Avenue, Uniondale NY, 11553: ‘I bought Vietnamese hair from your company and I really love it. The hair is beautiful, nice and thick when it is installed on my head. Everyone is surprised and likes it. They have asked me where I bought it and I introduced your company to all of my friends. Ivirgo hair is the best choice!!!’
  • Geradina Dominguez from 5 de mayo 109 c pte. Centro, Celaya, Guanajuato, México C.p.38000: ‘I bought raw hair from Ivirgo and conducted some test in your product. I am really impressed by your quality. The hair is thick in the end, so smooth and easy to dye. I just want to say thank you. Thank you so much and I definitely continue buying from your company’.
  • Elizabeth Smith from United State: ‘Hi Ivirgo hair. I got the hair you sent me yesterday. The hair is so beautiful. I really like it and love it. Thank you. You are really the best quality wholesale hair vendor that I have met. I will order more from you next week. I also introduce you to my friends as well. They will be impressed by the quality of hair for sure. Send my love to Alice as she helped me a lot in choosing a suitable type for my stupid haircut’.

For such long thank notes from the previous customer, we do hope that we have a chance to communicate with you and help you in the way to be a better verson of yours. We do not look forward to changing the world but we do think that to change step-by-step small parts of it, our efforts will be worth it.

If you still have any hesitation or related questions, you can totally contact us or ask my loyal customers to listen to their sharing. What we say is never as valuable as what people say about us. Last but not least, we want to say thank you for your consideration and reading here. Look forward to talking to you soon!

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