Treatment for lice : Top 3 best lice shampoo preventing lice for you

Lice living on the hair is a common problem that a lot of people, especially young children often encounter because they can be easily passed from one to another. Lice are annoying, but you can kill them completely after a week or two with lice shampoo that helps to prevents the lice. The lists of shampoo that can make the lice extinct below will help you get rid of lice clean completely.

What are lice? Why should we use lice shampoo to prevent them?

lice shampoo
Having lice on scalp is a very annoying situation (Source: Internet)

We may believe that lice are almost extinct in modern times. But no, the fact is that even in urban life, lice still do not escape, their life seems stronger, and their spread is very difficult to control.

Did you know: each lice can live in 7 to 12 days or 5 to 6 weeks. The it can lay 10 eggs per day, and the eggs will be in a oval shape, with yellow color and usually stay near the hair root. They will hatch in 7-12 days. Therefore, if the lice are killed, but not the eggs in the remaining pillow, the problem can be re-infected after about 1 week.

Lice are highly contagious, attacking children from preschool to primary and middle school children. Children with lice will find it uncomfortable, itchy, which affect health and learning. In addition, lice easily prone to infection and cause hair loss in children or can be spread throughout the family members. Parents are prone to lice may feel itching, can not concentrate 0nin work, and lose confidence in communication and life.

Although lice are not a dangerous disease, the difficulties and inconveniences it causes have a great impact on life. Not only that, lice are very persistent, difficult to cure. Which solution is both convenient and safe for the whole family?

In the past, methods of using chemicals to treat lice have been shown to be effective, but there is always the potential for toxic effects because the chemicals themselves are resistant to very little exposure to infants. Nowadays, there has been a better solution this problem which can solve the annoying lice easily: Lice shampoo.

How much does lice shampoo cost?

It is the fact that almost every lice shampoo is not as expensive as other lice treatments.

An average cost of a lice shampoo ranges between $10-$20 depending on the brand, or whether it is packaged with a lice comb or not, and how is its net weight. Moreover, a lot of kinds of shampoos need to be used frequently, more than once, so you might need to buy two or three bottles at the same time if you need to get the treatment for more than one or two people.
Overall, don’t forget to to consider your usage and the cost of one bottle of shampoo.

What should you consider when buying lice shampoos?

lice shampoo
Lice comb can help a lot in removing lice (Source: Internet)


There are many types of shampoos and not all of them have the same and equal quality. Let’s find out o some of the most important things to take into consideration when buying your lice shampoo.

Shampoo with a comb is already included is better, as you’ll need to buy one. It is the first thing to consider, as you really need to use a lice comb to remove the lice, and even their eggs after you’ve applied your shampoo.

This kind of lice combs is manufactured with fine, thick teeth that can remove out all hiding lice which has been killed by the shampoo. Although not every shampoo need to use the lice comb, it is still a helpful tool which helps to clean your hair, especially when your hair is quite thick and curly.

You should check out if the shampoo says it will dislodge the eggs for you or not in order to buy a comb to get it done. Metal comb types are stronger and harder to break than plastic ones; however, it can be more expensive. It’s also essential to combine the cost of the comb with final price when the shampoo you choose does not include a comb in the package.

Some recommend kinds of lice shampoo for you

Schooltime lice shampoo

lice shampoo
One of the best shampoo for killing lice (Source: Internet)


People who are looking for a lice free product which is safe when using on children might like this shampoo. The shampoo use ingredients which are gentle with the children and skin but still being tough on adult lice and nits and can remove them easily.
What is more, the product is hypoallergenic, which is helpful for families who have allergic to some typical shampoos. It is fragrance free, has no color, and does not use any harmful ingredients.

Schooltime sells shampoo bottles which are larger than many other brands. This means consumers average roughly 6-8 uses from a single bottle. This is cost effective for some families because the product is designed to be used once or twice, meaning there is enough for several people.

RID Shampoo

lice shampoo
Rid shampoo can help you to remove lice (Source: Internet)


This shampoo is among the most well known types of lice shampoo brands. Different from other kinds of shampoos, this product should be applied fully to the hair when it is in dry condition, not wet, and you had better allow to keep it for several minutes.

The product package include two small combs and has traditional ingredients that can kill and repel lice and its eggs, lits. Also, the product also provide  instructions, which is a lot easier to follow, especially for for those who use lice shampoo at the first-time.

Lice no more shampoo

lice shampoo
This is a perfect lice shampoo for you (Source: Internet)

This is a kind of shampoo which is packaged with a conditioner in order to make the hair more manageable and easier to brush during using the shampoo. Additionally, the shampoo package includes a plastic comb used for brushing out the dead adult lice and their eggs from the hair and scalp.

Also, the shampoo includes some traditional chemicals ingredients and pesticides which have the ability to kill lice very quickly and effectively. This is a suitable and useful feature of a lice shampoo for people who is finding a strong treatment, which can eliminate the lice just in one use.

The above are the guide on how to find the best and most suitable lice shampoo, which helps you to find out the best shampoo for to solve this annoying problem. Wishing you all the best.

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