The best vitamin for children’s hair you should know

It is clear that caring for children’s hair perhaps is one of interests of most mothers who have children aged from 6-10. In fact, using vitamins to care for children’s hair is a good way which is recommended by experts.  Herne, our article today will show you the best vitamins for children’s hair. Are you curious what vitamins are there? Let’s explore this post right now.

Structure of children’s hair

the best vitamins for children’s hair
Structure of children’s hair (source: Internet)

Do you know that while adult is suggested washing daily but that is unrealistic for kids?

The reason is structure of children’s hair is different from adult’s hair.  Naturally, hair strands are rounded when children are young and then tends to flatten with increasing age. Spinal cord, the central part of the hair, is a developmental trait that is also related to age. The presence of a medulla often involves coarser hair.

Also, another difference between children’s hair and adult’s hair is that the chemical structure of children’s hair is still in its infancy. Of course, the children’s hair is finer, lighter, rounder and more sensitive than adult’s hair.

So, which the best vitamins are good for children’s hair? Let’s take a look at the upcoming part.

The best vitamin for children’s hair


Vitamin E

It is recommended that vitamin E is one of the best vitamins for children’s hair. The vitamin is closely related to the growth and development of capillaries. An extensive network of capillaries provides nutrients to the scalp. It helps promote hair growth.

Vitamin E is rich in foods such as green leafy vegetables, nuts and seeds, seafood, beans and liver.

So how can you use vitamin E for your children’s hair? You can add more vitamin E through your children’s diet. In addition, you can use vitamin E in the form of oil extracts in order to add a little vitamin E to children’s hair products. Besides, you also apply vitamin E-enriched shampoo and conditioner. Shampoo and conditioner containing vitamin E will not reduce you children’s hair. In contrast, it not only cleans children’s hair gently but also moisturizes and adds an extra layer of vitamin E for hair.

Vitamin A

the best vitamins for children’s hair
vitamins for children’s hair

Another vitamin for children’s hair that mothers should notice is that vitamin A.  It is well known to play an important role in vision and growth of bones. In fact, besides, the magical vitamin is also an awesome supplement for caring and nourishing children’s hair.

Vitamin A is an indispensable vitamin helping promote growth cell and tissues in body, which stimulates children’s hair grow faster. It is essential to add vitamin E through your children’s daily diet because vitamin A deficiency will cause dry scalp and lose moisture in epithelial cells. This makes children’s hair become drier and stiffer.

The vitamin is found in plants, colorful fruits, animals and dairy products as well like carrots, lettuce, milk, cheese, fish, meat and so on.

Note: If your kids don’t like eating vitamin A- rich foods, you can use vitamin A supplements as follow instruction of nutritionists:

  • 1-3 years old: 300 mcg per day
  • 4-8 years old: 400 mcg per day
  • 9-19 years old: 600 mcg per day

Vitamin D

the best vitamins for children’s hair
vitamins for children’s hair

The hair follicles are sensitive to hormones, and vitamin D that plays a necessary role in calming internal calcium and cell growth. Researchers have shown that hair loss in children is associated with vitamin D deficiency.

It is suggested that mothers should give their kids direct sun exposure (6-9am or 4-5 pm) to absorb vitamin D. The use of vitamin D specifically helps to restoration of hair cycle dysfunction in kids. You can also take vitamin D with source of foods like, eel, salmon, swordfish, mackerel and whitefish. Besides, you also can wash your kid’s hair by vitamin D-enriched shampoo and conditioner.

Getting healthy and gorgeous hair for your kids is not too difficult, isn’t it? Is our article about .the best vitamins for children’s hair useful to you? Tell us about your thoughts. If you have any questions, leave your question in the comment section below.

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