Three vitamins for hair loss male simple, effective at home

In modern life, people’s health is heavily influenced by external factors. One of their problems is losing hair. This is caused by many elements such as climate changes, polluted… Besides, hair loss can also be caused by factors ranging from illness, diet, stress… Not only women care about their hair problems, but men also pay attention to their hair especially whom hair is losing. There are many ways to improve hair loss male. One of the safest ways is to use vitamins. I am going to introduce you three effective vitamins for hair loss male.

The man, whom hair is losing, must face many problems. Firstly, he isn’t good looking. Almost girls don’t really like the man who does not have enough hair. This leads to the lack of confidence in men. Moreover, hair loss also relates to some health problems such as anemia, iron deficiency, lupus, lack of protein…So it is important to save your hair from shedding.

 Vitamins for hair loss male – vitamin B1

Vitamin B1 is used for skin care and this is also a “gold mask” for hair loss male. Vitamin B1 is an essential vitamin that promotes circulation and blood circulation under the scalp. Blood and oxygen circulate well, which will supply sufficient nutrients for the hair follicles, hair cells under the scalp. Due to this, hair becomes strong, vietnamese hair is stimulated growing to compensate for hair loss, fracture.

Vitamin B1 prevents the oxidation of hair. This make the hair reduce losing and nutrients are fully provided from the hair root to the top. So, using vitamin B1 for taking care for hair will give you a perfect result.

A question which almost people wonder that does vitamin B1 have side effects? Vitamin B1 is not harmful to you and no matter how long you use it. Vitamin B1 is similar to other natural hair care products like grapefruit, tea tree, shampoo, etc. They are 100% natural, safe and effective.

The Way to use Vitamin B1 for hair loss male:

  • Prepare shampoo with B1:
  • One bottle of vitamin B1 tablets
  • 2 chicken eggs.
  • Olive oil.

Follow these simple steps:

  • Take half the tablet in a vitamin B1 bottle soaked in water to melt soluble or dilute tablets and mix with warm water. Chicken eggs separated, dissolved. Mix well vitamin B1, chicken eggs and 2 teaspoons of olive oil together.
  • Wash your hair as usual, wipe or dry cambodian hair, apply the mixture on the hair. You should apply when the hair is lacking moisture, so the use is better.
  • Take a thin towel wrapped around your hair and incubate the hair within 1 – 1.5 hours.
  • You shampoo with clean water, do not need extra conditioner after finishing incubation.

Follow this way you will not be worried about hair loss male. Your hair will grow quickly in 1-3 months.


vitamins for hair loss male.

Fish oil in vitamins for hair loss male:

Malnutrition can be reflected directly in your hair, such as lack of vitality, dryness, brittle fracture and split ends. Lack of fatty acids in fish oil can affect the hair growth and quality of your hair.

To have a healthy and shiny hair, you must give your body enough nutrients. Omega-3 fatty acids will nourish the hair follicles to strengthen the hair from the root. In addition, they enhance the shine of the hair and help hair grow faster.

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Supplements of omega-3 fatty acids also reduces dry skin symptoms, which including scaly, irritated itching on the scalp in particular and skin in general.

How to enhance fish oil in your diet everyday:

To have all benefits above, you can supplement fish oil daily with functional foods. The doctor recommends 3 to 6 grams of fish oil a day.

You can offer fish oil from many kinds of sea oil. The American Heart Association recommends supplementing about 200 grams of fish a week. Omega-3 fatty includes in fish such as salmon, sardines, tuna or shrimp, clams. In addition, some nuts contain omega 3 such as flaxseed, sunflower seeds.

Supplements of fish oil will help your hair grow faster and hair loss male will not a big problem anymore.

vitamins for hair loss male.

Vitamins for hair loss male – vitamin D:

Follicles are very sensitive to hormones, and vitamin D is a hormone that in the internal calcium balance and grows cells. In the science, alopecia is more commonly found in people with vitamin D deficiency or vitamin D receptor mutants. Studies have shown that vitamin D deficiency has been linked to many autoimmune diseases, including hair loss.

The researchers conclude that screening for patients with hair loss due to vitamin D deficiency. The hair loss male needs to supply vitamin D, which stimulates hair to grow faster.

Being exposed to the sun is the best way to absorb vitamin D. Sit in the sun for about 10-15 minutes to absorb around 10,000 units of natural vitamin D. The use of specific vitamin D may also play a role in repairing hair loss male. To supply vitamin D, eat foods rich in vitamin D such as halibut, mackerel, eel, salmon, whitefish, swordfish, mushroom…

vitamins for hair loss male.

To sum up, hair loss male can improve by using vitamins. Here are three vitamins for hair loss male that I have founded specifically before writing this. So, you can do this to have beautiful hair. If you have any questions, you can leave comment for me. Hope you will success in these nature way .

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